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Design meets Science

Andrew McLuhan


Andrew McLuhan | Toronto, Kanada: He travelled, worked, and studied with his father Eric McLuhan for a decade

His major McLuhan project (2009-2011) was in the first catalog and evaluation of Marshall McLuhan’s working library, now named to UNESCO’s Memory of the World register, and he has presented widely on the subject. Following Eric’s death in Colombia in May 2018, Andrew has begun the work of documenting and evaluating Eric’s working library.

The Past and the Future of McLuhan Studies

The McLuhan Studies with which this talk is concerned were born at Cambridge University in the 1930s when Marshall McLuhan encountered Richards, Leavis, and Practical Criticism. When Marshall died in 1980, Eric McLuhan was in place to carry forward the work and expand it. Now that both Marshall and Eric are gone, what is the future of McLuhan studies? Speaking personally, from the third generation, I will trace the roots of Marshall McLuhan’s explorations (1930s-1980) into the psychic and social effects of human technologies, examine Eric McLuhan’s continuation and contribution (1980-2018), and chart a course for the future development of McLuhan studies.

Die Konferenz FURE „The Future of Reading“ konzentriert sich auf die Chancen und Herausforderungen des Umbruchs in der Medienwelt.